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How to Study MBA Abroad?

Studying MBA Abroad is equal to getting yourself a valuable accreditation that proves your hard-earned skills and knowledge. MBA is the most in-demand degree across the nation since it reflects a professional credential of the right mix of expertise and competence to work in a challenging work environment. MBA graduates find it easy to get employed as soon as they graduate because of the demand for their knowledge and capacity. 
MBA, if pursued in the most-right destination and given, chosen the right specialisation, can be a life-changing decision. MBA is more than just the study of business administration and management. It is the learning of life and professional skills leading to have a thriving career that can be inspiring for others. To study this most-valuable degree abroad equals to a lifetime experience that helps in all aspects, like taking more life-changing decisions for both personal and professional growth. 

If you have decided to study MBA abroad, this blog provides more convincing reasons to believe in your goal. From pointing out the most-compelling reasons to study MBA abroad, its types available and top specialisations to study abroad to listing the best MBA universities abroad, scholarships and best countries to pursue MBA, all the aspects of the topic are discussed in the blog. Give it a full read to comprehend to know why pursuing MBA abroad is the best option for you.

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Why Study MBA Abroad?

As we all know, MBA is the study of Business Management aiding students in learning about its sub-disciplines, such as Marketing, Finance and Accounting. Studying MBA abroad has more pros than cons since students can learn about international business and its administration first-hand through a more diversified and comprehensive curriculum from highly-educated and experienced scholars.

  • Another Feather in Your Cap – Being an MBA graduate is a well-acknowledged accomplishment. On top of it, graduating from an abroad university adds more value to your degree. If you are an international graduate in MBA, your employability rate multiples and you hold a special recognition for your skills.
  • Get exposed to the Global Market – Studying MBA abroad is an excellent opportunity to get exposed to the current global business trends and recent developments. Most abroad countries conduct a study exchange program through which students get to study in an abroad country for a specific period of time.
  • Develop your Communication skills – Studying abroad, especially in an English-speaking country, will give you chances and possibilities to converse and engage more in discussions with your fellow students. Developing your overall language skills in English will help you to be more of a crucial candidate, which companies can’t overlook.
  • Vast Specialisations – As of today, there are over 30 MBA specialisations available and any of them can be chosen and studied in any abroad country. These specialisations are easily available, particularly in abroad countries, since they are among the flourishing countries in the world, setting a dedicated education system with more options for students.
  • Be a part of a Global Student Community – If you wish to be a part of a global student community, then studying abroad is the only option. Being a member of the global student community, you can expand your personal and professional networks, get easy access to university information, stay updated with the activities and much more.
  • Study in world-class universities– There are many universities abroad that consistently maintain their quality of education, achieving a worldwide reputation and a top rank. Studying in these universities guarantees a more enjoyable and memorable student life with access to the best education.
  • Unmissable Job Prospects – Studying at an international university gives you the necessary recognition and acknowledgement, which will help you tremendously to be a worthy candidate for high-profile positions.

Types of Study MBA Program Abroad

  • Full-time MBA – As the name indicates, Full-time MBA is completely dedicating your time to the study for the entire 2 years. Full-time MBAs are mostly 2 years, and countries like the US, India, Canada, Australia, Ireland and Germany mostly follow through the duration. While countries like the UK and New Zealand conduct only a 1-year program.
  • Part-time MBA – Part-time MBAs are most suitable for employees who don’t wish to quit their work but study more relaxedly. In these cases, the study duration is extended for them, maybe upto 2 ½ to 3 years.  A part-time MBA has the full potential and is equal to Full-time MBA and can be studied almost in all the abroad countries, as all of them provide the option. But you can do a part-time MBA only if you are a professional working on a valid work permit.
  • Executive MBA – Executive MBA is for experienced professionals who wish to upgrade their managerial and leadership skills for the current trend. The Executive MBA program is scheduled in a way that fits the timing needs of the professionals. The program demands almost 5 years of work experience in managerial or other leadership roles. Executive MBA takes 2 years to complete.
  • Dual MBA – Dual MBA is pursuing two master’s degrees simultaneously. The other master degree will be a specialisation of your choice in MBA. Since you will be learning in-depth about the specialisation, acquiring the relevant knowledge and skills, it is considered a degree. Dual MBA takes 2 ½ to 3 years to complete.
  • Distance/Online MBA – Distance/Online MBA is for working professionals who can’t afford to allocate time for classroom sessions. Through Distance MBA, they can pursue their study without worrying about missing any session. All the sessions can be attended online, through one-to-one video sessions and teleconferencing. Students choosing Distance MBA will have their books delivered to their postal address and can attend their exams at the university nearer to them. Distance MBA takes 2 years to complete.

Top MBA Specialisations to Study Abroad

  • MBA in Accounting – MBA in Accounting is all bout analysing and interpreting the economic data of finance organisations. Studying this specialisation can lead students to become Business Development Managers, Chief Financial Officers, Personal Finance Advisors, Financial Managers and Management Analysts.
  • MBA in Analytics Intelligence –  This is the study of Big Data to help IT and other organisations to take actionable decisions about the data they collect. Marketing Manager, Management Analyst, Financial Analyst, Operations Analyst, Supply Chain Analyst and Management Consultant are some of the professions associated with this specialisation.
  • MBA in Entrepreneurship –  The specialisation helps an individual to become a systematic and diversified Business person who knows the intricacies of running a business. Some other professions available by choosing this specialisation are Business Reporters, Business Consultants and New Venture Developers.
  • MBA in Strategy – MBA in Strategy is for aspirants who love analysing current trends in a business market. As a strategist, you will be responsible for implementing the same for your organisation’s business growth. Some popular professions that can be aimed for by choosing this specialisation are Strategy Consultant, Director of Strategy, Strategy Manager, Innovation Consultant, etc.
  • MBA in International Business – If you aspire to set up a business in a global range, then this specialisation would perfectly suit you. Here, you will learn more about global trade and the business ethics; you can shine well as an international business person.
  • MBA in Human Resource Management – This is one of the most popular global specialisations. Through this specialisation, you will learn about HR ethics, principles, hiring strategies and more to help businesses recruit potential employees. Some professions associated with this specialization are Director- HR, Assistant HR Manager, Regional HR Manager, etc.

Top Countries to Study MBA Abroad

United States:- US is the birthplace of the MBA. The Harvard University introduced the MBA program in 1908. Since then, the US has been the ideal model for other countries in delivering the program more professionally and proficiently. Moreover, other top-model business schools in the US sternly prepare students for the competitive business world to help them be ideal and potential candidates for varied roles.

United Kingdom:-UK is home to many of the popular and renowned B-schools, which have high-end facilities and a high-standard of teaching. The most significant advantage of studying in the UK is that all the MBA programs are of one year, facilitating students to finish their studies soon and start planning their careers. By studying for one year, the money students have to invest is also less.

Canada:- Canada is another enticing country to study for your MBA. With high-ranking universities and affordable tuition fees, Canada poses itself as a student-friendly country to pursue higher education. Besides, it’s easy student visa policies and post-study work permit policies are also reasons to consider Canada for an MBA. The major benefit that comes with studying in Canada, students can enjoy their college life by investing less in their studies.

Australia:- If you want to study in a fast-paced and modern country, Australia is the one for you. With their modern approach on everything from education to their lifestyle, Australia stands apart from other countries. The country is also home to many established IT organizations, Finance Corporations and some promising Business environments, guaranteeing sound and future career growth.

Ireland:- Ireland has raised to the standard of providing a world-class education to international students. Most of the country’s universities have their courses accredited by its international education ministry. Though being a small country, its universities provide a vast range of MBA specialisations to choose from. Moreover, of all the European countries, Ireland has earned a reputation for itself. It has its own distinct fame and name for its quality education system.

New Zealand:- Though New Zealand is new to the list, the country provides its perks for students who wish to study in the country. Like other countries, New Zealand has many Qs-ranked universities, vast specialization options and a unique form of MBA teaching. The tuition fee is also less compared to other countries, ranging from NZ $32,000 to $50,000. Some of the go-to universities in New Zealand are The University of Auckland, the University of Otago and the Victoria University of Wellington.

Germany:- Germany is an excellent choice for students who want to experience life in an innovative country famous for its inventions and contributions to the world. Students can expect a real competitive environment as the country encourages more deserving students to apply at its universities. The major perks of studying in Germany are no tuition fees at public universities, excellent infrastructure and facilities both in and outside campus, part-time job opportunities and much more.

Dubai:- Dubai is an intriguing country to pursue higher education, such as MBA. Popular for its spectacular display of things from art to architecture and now in education, too, Dubai has proved itself as more than just an entertaining city. With many abroad countries investing and tie-ing up with the city’s education sector, many renowned universities are now established in Dubai.


The USA stands top on the list since it has some of the best business schools. Apart from offering 2-year programs, the country’s universities also offer one-year programs for students who want to complete the degree faster and start embarking on their career journey.

Each university costs more than US $ 100,000. For more specific information on tuition fees, students should contact the particular university and collect all the information needed.

No. It is mandatory to clear the GMAT or GRE with a high score to study MBA in most foreign universities.

MBA in Accounting, MBA in HR, MBA in Business or Data Analytics are some of the top specializations with high scope and offers popular job roles to students.

  • Master’s in Business Administration (MBA)
  • Master’s in Computer Science and related technology fields
  • Master’s in Data Science and Analytics
  • Master’s in Engineering and Technology
  • Master’s in Public Health and related health fields

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