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Scholarships in USA for Indian Students

If you’re an Indian student who dreams to study in the USA, this blog is your gateway to unlocking a wealth of information about scholarships and financial aid. We understand that pursuing higher education abroad can be financially challenging, but fear not – we’ve got you covered! Studying in the USA is a dream shared by many, and it’s within your reach too, thanks to the numerous scholarships and fellowships available. 

There are ways to make your education abroad affordable. You will find several scholarships for Indian students in the USA as you read further. In this blog, we’ve compiled specific scholarships to study in the USA for Indian students. 

Studying abroad can be a life-changing experience, and with the right scholarship, you can make it a reality. From top universities and colleges to NGOs and government bodies, there are various institutions offering financial assistance to meritorious international students like you. Whether you’re looking for partial or fully paid scholarships in the USA, there’s something out there to suit your needs and course requirements.

Types of Scholarships in USA for Indian Students

There are several types of scholarships in the USA that you can apply for as an Indian student who plans to study abroad. These are explained below. 

  1. Government-funded scholarships: The US government funds a few scholarships for international students, and there are exclusive scholarships for Indian students to study in the USA as well. A few popular scholarships include Hubert Humphrey Fellowship Program, Fulbright-Nehru Fellowships etc.
  • Non-government scholarships: A few private organisations and trusts may fund scholarships for Indian students to study in the USA. AAUW International Fellowships, International Student Financial Aid (ISFA) etc., are a few examples.
  • University-funded scholarships: Almost all top universities in the USA offer scholarships to their students based on a few criteria. University of New Haven Scholarship, University of Minnesota Fellowship etc., are a few examples.
  • Merit-based scholarshipsIf you have a good academic record, you will find scholarships that fund your entire tuition and living expenses wholly or partially. A few scholarships you can apply for include Fairleigh Dickinson Scholarships for International Students, Berea College Scholarships for International Students etc.

Which Are the Popular Scholarships to Study in USA for Indian Students?

We have gathered a list of the popular scholarships in the USA that you can apply for as an Indian student. The list includes scholarships funded by several bodies, having different eligibility criteria.

  • Inlaks Shivdasani Foundation Scholarships
  • Fulbright-Nehru Research Fellowship
  • The Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Program
  • Stanford Reliance Dhirubhai Fellowships for Indian Students
  • Rotary Foundation Ambassadorial Scholarship
  • Akhtar Ali H. Tobaccowala Fellowship
  • The Indian Trust Fellowship
  • American University Emerging Global Leader Scholarship
  • Tata Scholarships for Cornell University
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Government-Funded USA Scholarships for Indian Students

As the name suggests, these scholarships are funded by the US government. More often than not, these scholarships cover your tuition and living expenses wholly or partially. A couple of scholarships, their eligibility and award values are tabulated below.

Name of Scholarship


Average Amount (in USD)

Hubert Humphrey Fellowship Program

All PG & PhD students who have a minimum experience of 5 years can apply

Tuition cost, monthly expense & cost of living coverage

Fulbright-Nehru Fellowships

Those who apply for PG & PhD with at least 55% in their UG from an Indian university and at least 3 years of work experience are eligible

Tuition fees, living expenses & medical cost coverage

USA University Scholarships for Indian Students

Almost all the prominent universities in the USA offer scholarships and other financial aid to their students. These scholarships will have different eligibility criteria and award values as well. You can refer to the table below to get detailed information on these scholarships.

Name of University

Name of Scholarship


Amount (in USD)

Stanford University

Stanford University Scholarships

All Master’s & PhD students in the university are eligible

Variable amount

Yale University

Yale University Scholarships

All UG, PG & PhD students in the university are eligible

USD 70,000

University of New Haven

University of New Haven Scholarship

All Master’s students in the university stand a chance to get this scholarship

Variable amount

University of Memphis

University of Memphis Scholarships

All UG & PG students at the University of Memphis are eligible

Variable amount

University of Minnesota

University of Minnesota Fellowship

This scholarship is for students pursuing their Master’s

Variable amount

Clark University

Clark Global Scholarship Program

The Undergraduate students at Clark University are eligible

USD 15,000 – USD 25,000

Boise State University

Treasure Scholarships

All UG students at Boise State University are eligible

USD 8460

Boston University

Boston University Presidential Scholarship

It is available for all the UG students in the university

USD 25,000 off on tuition fees

Cornell University

Cornell University Financial Aid

It is available for all Undergraduates in the university

Variable amount

Undergraduate Scholarships to Study in USA for Indian Students

If you are planning to pursue an Undergraduate course in the USA, you will come across several scholarships, which can either be fully or partially funded. We have tabulated a few US scholarships for Indian students pursuing Undergraduate courses. You can refer to it for more information.

  • Illinois Wesleyan University Scholarship
  • Onsi Sawiris Scholarship
  • Cornell University Financial Aid
  • Berea College Scholarships
  • Boston University Presidential Scholarship
  • University of Memphis Scholarship
  • Treasure Scholarship at Boise State University
  • Fairleigh Dickinson Scholarships for International Students
  • ICPS Scholarships at the University of Oregon
  • Berea College Scholarships for International Students

Scholarships in USA to Study Master's Degree for Indian Students

You will come across several scholarships for Master’s programs in the USA. We have gathered a list of scholarships below, which also includes scholarships for MS in the USA for Indian students.

  • Aga Foundation Scholarship
  • Generation Google Scholarship
  • AAUW International Fellowship
  • Global Study Awards
  • Sushil Jajodia Indian Student Scholarship
  • Dean’s Scholarship
  • Illinois State University Scholarship

MBA Scholarships in USA for Indian Students

  • MBA is one of the top courses pursued by Indian students who study in the USA. Though the course tends to be a bit expensive compared to other ones, the wide number of scholarships that offer partial and full coverage of expenses make it easier for Indian students to study MBA in the USA. A few popular scholarships in the USA for MBA are listed below.

    • Tuck Non-Profit Fellowship
    • Merit-based & Need-based Scholarships
    • Master’s Fellowship
    • McKinsey Award
    • Diversity Scholarships
    • Donald P. Jacobs International Scholarship
    • Emerging Economy Fellowship
    • Horace W. Goldsmith Fellowship
    • HBS Fellowship Program
    • Meyer Feldberg Distinguished Fellowship Program
  • PhD Scholarships in USA for Indian Students

    A PhD is one of the highest degrees you can take in any subject, and the course is much popular among Indian students who study in the USA. We have listed a few scholarships in the USA below. You can take references from it. The list also includes fully funded scholarships for Indian students.

    • Penn State University Scholarship
    • Kent State University Scholarship
    • Presidential Scholarship
    • Green River College Scholarship
    • Fulbright Foreign Student Program
    • PEO International Peace Scholarships for Women
    • AAUW International Fellowships in USA for Women
    • Knight-Hennessy Scholars Program
    • Robert S. McNamara PhD Research Fellowship
    • Global Leaders Fellowship

How to Apply for Scholarships in USA for Indian Students?

Several scholarships come your way if you wish to apply for a scholarship in the USA. You can get financial assistance in the form of scholarships funded by private organisations, the government, and universities. THINK BIG GLOBAL provides you with a detailed list of things you need to know to apply for scholarships. You will also get assistance in every step of your study abroad journey. To get a scholarship in the USA, you need to have the application or registration form. You will also need to submit the following documents.

    • Letter Of Recommendation (LOR).
    • Personal essay or letter of motivation (which only a few universities ask).
    • Official financial statements and proof of low income (if the scholarship is based on your income).
    • Letter of Acceptance from a recognised US university.
    • Evidence of all extracurricular activities, leadership positions, academic achievements etc.

Tips to Increase Your Chances of Getting Accepted for an USA Scholarship

Though you would have gathered a rough idea about the types of scholarships in the USA, their eligibility and every other detail, there is something more that you need to know. It is a fact that there is pretty high competition to obtain scholarships in the USA for Indian students. As such, we have compiled a few tips you can use to ensure that your chances of getting a scholarship in the USA are higher.

  • Apply for scholarships well before the deadline.
  • Check the eligibility criteria for scholarships.
  • Have all the documents handy.
  • Participate in extracurricular activities.
  • Have a pretty good academic record.
  • Score well on the English proficiency test.
  • Prepare a good scholarship essay.
  • Apply for more than one scholarship.

We have covered almost all the details related to getting scholarships in the USA. If you feel the need for any further assistance, you can reach out to THINK BIG GLOBAL. We have expert counsellors who can guide you through the application process. We can choose the best scholarships for you by assessing your profile. Do not hesitate to contact us for FREE assistance!


 A few top scholarships to study in the USA are given below.

  • Fulbright Scholarship Program
  • Rhodes Scholarship
  • Hubert Humphrey Fellowship Program
  • Amherst College Scholarships
  • Harvard University scholarship 
  • Yale University Scholarships
  • MIT Scholarships
  • Stanford University Scholarships

The requirements to apply for scholarships in the USA vary depending on the host institution. However, you will be asked to submit a few documents like

  • Academic scores (GPA)
  • Test scores (SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT scores)
  • Photo ID/Passport/Aadhar card 
  • Language proficiency proof (IELTS or TOEFL exam score)
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Scholarship essay

Yes, it is not very difficult to get a scholarship in the USA if you satisfy the eligibility criteria. You can also follow the tips mentioned above so that your chances of getting shortlisted are higher.

Yes, you can get 100% scholarships in the USA. A few scholarships, like the Fulbright Scholarship Program, offer full tuition and living expenses coverage for Indian students

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