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Post Study Work Visa Australia

Australia is one of the top and most preferred nations for overseas students to live, study and work. There are many reasons to choose Australia for your higher education. However, a top reason is the post-study work visa, which offers several benefits to graduates.

Which are the types of post-study work visas in Australia? Which documents do you need to submit to apply for it?

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Post-Study Work Visa Australia for Indian Students

The Post-Study Work Visa lets you live and work temporarily in Australia after graduation. You can get a grant for 3 to 4 years based on your qualification. With this permit, you can live and work in Australia temporarily. You can also bring your family members to the country for the duration of your visa.

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Types of Post-Study Work Visa in Australia

The Australian Post-Study Work Visa is the Temporary Graduate Visa (Subclass 485). subclass 485 is divided into two streams. These are the Graduate Work Stream and the Post-Study Work Stream. The difference between them is in the kind of qualification you have gained as an overseas student. So let us learn more information about them.

Graduate Work Stream: You are eligible for a Graduate Work Stream if you are an overseas student in Australia who has completed the Australian study requirements and hold a suitable qualification. You also need skills relevant to the professions published in the Skills Occupation List or SOL. It would be typically provided to candidates who apply for a Vocational Education and Training Qualification at one of the nation’s TAFE colleges. The Australian Immigration or Immi for short grants this visa for 18 months (1.6 years).

Post Study Work Stream: You qualify for a Post Study Work Visa if you have completed the Australian study requirements and have obtained either a Bachelor’s degree, Master’s certificate, or a PhD from a recognised Australian university. This visa is only available to students who applied and were given a grant for an Australian student visa on or after 5th November 2011. However, the tenure of this visa depends on the type of degree you have. Let’s see an example.
For example, a Bachelor’s degree, a Bachelor’s Honours degree, or a Master’s course degree, i.e., a degree that does not have linked industrial training, is valid for 24 months (2 years). On the other hand, a Postgraduate degree with an added research element makes you eligible for a Temporary Visa for up to 36 months (3 years), and a Doctoral or PhD qualification makes you eligible for a temporary visa for up to 48 months (4 years).
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How to apply for an Australian post-study work visa?

Before applying for an Australian post-study work visa, you must gather the documents to support your application. The Australian Home Affairs department will make a decision using this information. Therefore, you should provide as much information as possible with your application. You will need ID, English language requirementhealth insurance, partner documents, dependents documents, academic transcripts and character documents.

After you have gathered your documents and made their digital copies, you can apply online. First, you must log in to the Australian Immigration website (make an ImmiAccount, if you don’t have one). Then, after you attach the required documents, you will have to pay an application fee. The last step is to submit your application.

Documents Required for Post-Study Work Visas in Australia

You should submit a few documents when you apply for a post-study work visa. They are given below.

  1. ID documents: You must submit your current passport’s pages showing your photo, personal details, passport issue, and expiry date. You also need to provide a national ID card and proof of name change if you have one.
  2. Study documents: You require a completion letter from your education provider and attested copies of course transcripts. You must also provide any credit details applied to your course that you want to use to meet the Australian study requirement.
  3. English language documents: You must have taken an English proficiency test within three years of applying for the visa. You need to submit your English language proficiency test results.
  4. Health insurance documents: To prove that you have the required health insurance in Australia, you need to submit a signed letter from a health insurance agent, proof of your enrolment with Medicare, and evidence of health insurance.
  5. Character documents: You and your dependents in the visa application over 16 years of age must submit evidence that you have applied for an Australian Federal Police Check not less than a year before applying for this visa. You need to complete and submit forms 80 and 1221. You may also be requested to submit an overseas police certificate from every country where you spent a year or over in the last ten years since you turned 16 and a military discharge record or service papers if you served in the army.
  6. Partner documents: You must submit your partner’s or other family members’ ID (if applicable) and character documents. Married graduates must provide a marriage certificate or further proof that their marriage is valid in Australia. If it’s a de facto relationship, provide evidence of it. Additionally, you must submit proof that you have been in the relationship for at least a year before applying. Finally, if applicable, you should submit evidence that your relationship is registered in a participating Australian state or territory.
  7. Dependents documents: For any dependents under 18, you need legal parental or guardian consent forms for Australia with parental responsibility. For dependents over 18, you need proof such as a birth certificate, ID, and character documents.

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