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Free Study Abroad Counselling

Each step is important, as it shapes your professional path, from the choice to apply for school abroad to selecting the best place and subject. With a range of worldwide prospects, the key selection has to be done with extreme attention. We at THINKBIG provide you with the greatest advice in international education and work relentlessly to make sure your profile and interests match the appropriate decision for your advancement.

At THINKBIG , we strive to understand the needs of the student. A high-quality, personal advisor with profound know-how in the courses provided by universities is assigned to each student. We also supply custom packages to fulfil the requirements. Based on the academic skills and background, our educational counsellors will help you to reach your objectives. Every THINKBIG  advisor aims to make sure that the student is allowed on the basis of its profile to the finest course and institution.


Study Abroad Destination, Course & University

If you want to study abroad, it is very important to choose the correct course. Our advisors enable you to choose the courses that fit you most, and not simply the universities we represent, that best match your personal, academic and financial profiles/parameters. To ensure the success of each student, it is essential to select the correct course/program. We can save you time and money with the wealth of knowledge and expertise our consultants have, after thorough examination of your demands, map you to the proper college.

For the student and the counsellor, taking an educated decision is crucial. After a comprehensive analysis of student calibre and requirements, institutions and courses are determined. After reviewing your profile, our specialists will select a handful of appropriate colleges. Following examining our chosen institutions after consultation with parents and friends, students complete institutions. The most crucial choice to pick the proper course, country, and institution in one’s life is that our consultants assure you pick appropriately. Our consultants are educated in depth in the admission processes across institutions and nations and help link students with the facilities in which they wish to participate.


English proficiency test

International standardised tests serve to measure the skill of a pupil. These examinations aid in the process of admission. We also tutor the IELTSTOEFLPTEGMATGRE SAT and ACT examinations for our clients. Our faculty gives students with personal coaching so that both the study aspects and the exam information are apparent. They also help the institutions to get the right scores. Courses for international quality are supplied and frequent testing is conducted. Another important point is to endeavour to make all your LORs unique and that can be achieved only if you include unique instances in all the LORs. Making an Impressive Letter of Recommendation is as important as writing a winning SOP. Just keep the formats in place and remember the common mistakes you should avoid in a recommendation letter. Contact us if you have any queries.
document review


Document Review

The best outcomes are of top priority at THINKBIG  and hence every applicant is vetted and examined carefully in order to guarantee that no mistakes are made. We pay particular attention to your application, stressing the parts that are important if you are to apply it correctly and without error. The applications are corrected with regard to both small and severe faults and students receive feedback. We ensure that all papers necessary are fully compiled, confirmed and so on. Documents must be carefully sealed and handled. In order to guarantee that students are adequately informed and updated with their application process, our counsellors are continually in contact with the students.

The documents are reviewed by our professionals once you have picked your universities. For a thorough application, most institutions and institutions have their own special prerequisites. Compliance with these principles provides more success and a quicker reaction.

The admission of students to the institution is assisted by our advisors on crucial parts of the application including essences, the Statement of Objective, grammar, tone, content structure, letters of recommendation and efforts. The upshot of a well-compiled application is a quick and pleasant reaction. Sometimes the employees of institutions ask us or our comments on the request to ensure a good fit.


Admission Process

Each application, whether paper-based or online, is given considerable attention. It is vital that the last requests be inspected before they are sent to institutions. The students and counsellors should set aside time and focus on inspecting requests before submitting them to ensure that the request is error-free and correctly presented. Students draw up their own documents, however, the work for improvement must be reviewed.
Incertain circumstances, we provide our customised confidential appraisal/recommendation to institutions that emphasise your strengths and your appropriateness. For a comprehensive application, most institutions have their particular prerequisites. Compliance with these principles provides more success and a quicker reaction. We help you to track shipping and delivery.
interview process


Interview Preparation

We can help you to answer questions that are likely to be asked by institutions. Specialists who are highly familiar with the kind of questions colleges regularly ask are in charge of these mock interview sessions. Universities visit our offices often and meet students, thus they consult our website often to find out who is visiting them. They generally provide spot evaluations, spot offers, and frequent exemptions for the application. Bright students with good profiles might take advantage of this opportunity to improve their academic opportunities. Due to their profile and the quality of their applications, some THINK BIG GLOBAL students have earned scholarships.



THINKBIG  students in all countries receive a free Visa Direction. The consulates frequently notify us of the newest documents and rules on visas and have a success rate of more than 99%. The wisdom in “mock visa interviews,” in which our Visa Counsellors interview and orient students to the typical inquiries, is one of the particular services we provide. They tell them about the events and they don’t during the final interview at the end of the fake visa interview. We assist in the whole visa procedure, such as the completion of applications, preparation of financial statements, correct paperwork for visas, and coaching and training for mock interviews. Students and parents most appreciate the timely, professional and free availability of these services. Education is not inexpensive in other countries, so make a cautious and thorough decision.