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Scholarships in Australia for Indian Students

Studying abroad is always exciting, and the number of international students choosing to study abroad has been on the rise over the past few years. One of the very first considerations you will have while studying abroad is the cost involved. Australia is one of the primary destinations chosen by international students, especially Indians, who wish to study abroad. 

You may be wondering how all these students afford to study abroad. It is here that you should learn about scholarships. 

There are a number of scholarships in Australia for Indian students that can aid you by lowering your financial burden. These scholarships can cover your tuition and living expenses wholly or partially. There are scholarships that are funded by the government, universities, and other private institutions. You can read further to learn more about the scholarships in Australia for Indian students, their eligibility, award value, and everything else.

Types of Scholarships in Australia for Indian Students

There are several scholarships for Indian students to study in Australia, and you can choose whichever suits you the best. There are six main types of scholarships to study in Australia. They are as follows.


  • Merit-Based Scholarships: As the name indicates, this scholarship is based on merit. You need to have an excellent academic record to get it. The qualifications vary according to the university, and you can read further to know more about it. Chancellor’s Scholarships, Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarships, Dean’s Scholarships etc., fall under this category.
  • Sports Scholarships: This is for those students who excel in sports. According to the type of sport, the eligibility criteria vary. Whether you are a recreational player or a talented player, you have scholarships for both.
  • Faculty & Departmental Scholarships: This is a merit-based scholarship for students taking particular courses. Architecture & Design Scholarship, Engineering Scholarship etc., are examples.
  • Equity Scholarships: This scholarship is meant exclusively for a particular group of students. Those with financial hardships, difficult medical conditions, personal disabilities etc., can apply for this type of scholarship.
  • Accommodation Scholarships: Students who have not met the criteria for merit-based scholarships can apply for accommodation scholarships. This covers the room and settlement costs of students.
  • Government Scholarships: The government of Australia has come up with four types of scholarships. Australia Awards is a scholarship based on merit, which is given to intensify the relationship between Australia and other countries. The Endeavour Scholarships are given to PG and PhD students. The Research Training Program (RTP) provides grants to students. The Australia Awards Pacific Scholarships (AAPS) are given to students from the Pacific.

Which Are the Popular Scholarships to Study in Australia for Indian Students?

There are several scholarships you can apply for as an international student studying in Australia. We have provided a list of the most popular ones below so that you can refer to them and apply for the ones you are eligible to apply. You will find a detailed description of these scholarships as you read further.

  • Australia Awards Scholarship
  • Endeavour Postgraduate Scholarship Award
  • Australian Government Research and Training Program (AGRTP)
  • International Postgraduate ResearchScholarships (IPRS)
  • John Allwright Fellowship
  • Destination Australia Scholarship

Government-Funded Australian Scholarships for Indian Students

There are several scholarships funded by the Australian government for international students. You can have a look at the list of scholarships and apply for the ones you seem eligible for. It should be noted that the table below contains only the list of popular scholarships. You can contact THINK BIG GLOBAL’s counsellors to get updated information on the scholarships, their award values, application deadlines and everything else.

Name of Scholarship


Average Award Value (in AUD)

Australia Awards 

This is a merit-based scholarship

Variable amount

Australian Government Research and Training Program (AGRTP)

This is a merit-based scholarship

Variable amount

ACU Destination Australia International Scholarship

This is a merit-based scholarship

Up to AUD 16,160

Endeavour Awards

This is a merit-based scholarship

Up to AUD 272,500

Australia University Scholarships for Indian Students

You will find that almost all Australian universities offer scholarships for international students. Though most of these scholarships will be merit-based, there will be other scholarships as well, like need-based scholarships and sports scholarships. We have tabulated a few popular scholarships below.
Name of University
Name of Scholarship
University of Melbourne
Melbourne Research Scholarship
All Master’s & Doctoral students in the university can apply
The eligibility is based purely on academic merit
Carnegie Mellon University
Carnegie Mellon University Scholarships
They provide fully-funded Master’s scholarship
All students from Asia, Soth America, & Africa are eligible
Deakin University
Deakin University Scholarships
The scholarship is for PG students
You will need at least 55% in your UG in order to be eligible
Griffith University
Griffith Remarkable Scholarship
Scholarships are available for UG & PG students
Academic merit, leadership abilities, financial level etc., make you eligible
University of Queensland
Queensland University Law Scholarships
This is available only for Master’s students
Students of the university are eligible to get the scholarship
Edith Cowan University
Edith Cowan University Scholarship
This is offered to Master’s & PhD students
A remarkable academic record in the previous degree makes you eligible
University of South Australia
International Research Tuition Scholarships (IRTS)
This is open for Master’s & PhD students from the university
Academic excellence is the basis for eligibility
Swinburne University of Technology
International Excellence Scholarship
This is provided to UG & PG students
All students from the university, except those from Australia & New Zealand, are eligible
University of Flinders
Flinders International Postgraduate Research Scholarships (FIPRS)
These are given to full-time research higher degree students
All students of the university are considered eligible
University of Adelaide
Adelaide Global Academic Excellence Scholarship
This is open to all UG & PG students
All students in the university from 2021-2025 will be eligible

Undergraduate Scholarships to Study in Australia for Indian Students

You will come across a number of scholarships for Undergraduate studies in Australia. Though most of these scholarships will be university-funded, there will be those funded by the government as well. We have listed a few Undergraduate scholarships in Australia for Indian students below. You can take references from it and apply for the ones you prefer.

  • Southern Cross University Scholarship
  • Macquarie University Scholarship
  • Bond University Scholarship
  • Australia Awards Scholarship
  • Swinburne International Excellence Scholarship
  • Griffith University Scholarships
  • Charles Darwin University Scholarships
  • Deakin Vice-Chancellor’s International Scholarship
  • Melbourne International Undergraduate Scholarships
  • Sydney Scholars Awards
  • Hay Thesis Binding Award

Scholarships in Australia to Study Master's Degree for Indian Students

There are scholarships in Australia available for students pursuing every level of study. If you wish to pursue a Master’s program, you can apply for a few scholarships which may cover your tuition and living expenses wholly or partially. A few of these scholarships are listed below.

  • Rotary Peace Fellowship
  • Australia Awards Scholarships
  • University of South Australia Scholarships
  • International Master’s Scholarship
  • International Tuition Fee Research Scholarship
  • English Language Scholarship for Sponsored Students
  • Northern Territory Scholarships
  • SG and JG Scholarship

MBA Scholarships in Australia for Indian Students

MBA is considered one of the most expensive courses to study in Australia. However, you need not worry as there are several scholarships to fund your MBA tuition fees. A few such scholarships are listed below.

  • ANU MBA Scholarship
  • Monash International Leadership Scholarship
  • Melbourne Graduate Scholarship
  • AGSM Global Reach Scholarship
  • Kraft Heinz Scholarship
  • Adelaide MBA Scholarship
  • MBA Student Scholarship
  • MBA Scholarship for Outstanding Students
  • MBA International Prestige Scholarship
  • Global Business Diversity Scholarship

PhD Scholarships in Australia for Indian Students

A PhD is one of the highest degrees you can take in any subject, and it is important to pursue this course from a reputable university. Australia has a number of universities that offer Doctoral programs with scholarships. A few such scholarships are listed below.

  • Australian Endeavour Scholarship
  • Australian Government Research Training Program (RTP) Scholarship
  • ANU Doherty PhD Supplementary Scholarship
  • PhD Write-Up Award
  • MAAC Scholarship
  • James Rice Postgraduate Awards
  • MORA-RMIT Scholarship
  • David Lachlan Hay Thesis Binding Award

How to Apply for Scholarships in Australia for Indian Students?

One of the primary criteria to become eligible for most scholarships is a good academic record. More often than not, merit-based scholarships tend to be more in number, and the award values of merit-based scholarships are generally higher than the others. As such, having an excellent academic record will help you greatly in qualifying for a scholarship. Additionally, you may need to be a resident of and study in a country that falls under the list of eligible countries for obtaining a scholarship. There are a few scholarships that are granted based on your IELTS scores as well. A few universities also consider your participation in extracurricular activities, volunteering, and other activities as criteria for granting scholarships.

On top of all these, you need to apply without any mistakes and also within the deadline. You should apply for the scholarships from the official website of the institution directly. You should additionally have a Letter of Acceptance from a recognised Australian university and an application statement. You should also explain the reasons why you should be awarded the scholarship.

Tips to Increase Your Chances of Getting Accepted for an Australian Scholarship

There are a number of scholarships in Australia for Indian students that you can choose from. However, there is pretty good competition as well. As such, you need to know a few tips which can help your application get noticed and get qualified for obtaining a scholarship.

Keep a note of the following things to get a scholarship quickly.

  • Fill up generously: There are several scholarships for which you will be eligible, and you will never know which you can get hold of. As such, do not hesitate and apply generously. This ensures that you get at least one.
  • Ask for assistance: If you are stuck up anywhere during your scholarship application process, or you somehow feel the need for aid to clarify things, do not hesitate to contact THINK BIG GLOBAL. Remember, one faulty step, and you will end up losing your chance!
  • Read the guidelines carefully: You must read and understand the scholarship guidelines carefully. You may be asked to submit supporting documents like job experience for some scholarships. If you fail to observe and submit them, you may lose them.
  • Get all the documents ready: A few scholarships ask for your certificates of experience, sports achievements etc. It is better to have them handy because they may help boost your chances of getting shortlisted.


Ans. A few best scholarships to study in Australia include Australia Awards Scholarship,  Destination Australia Scholarship, Australian Government Research Training Program (RTP) etc.

Ans. Scholarships are awarded based on merit, participation in extracurricular activities, sports etc., and students must establish their eligibility for the scholarship they are seeking for. In Australia, there are no scholarship-qualifying examinations. The IELTS is the only exam students may be required to take to show their English language skills.

Ans. The Australian government, universities, and certain public and private organisations provide bursaries, grants, and scholarships to overseas students based on a few criteria. These grants are used to finance your education, training, and research in Australia. Obtaining an Australian scholarship is not very difficult.

Ans. There are a few scholarships, like Australia Awards Scholarship, that offer 100% expense coverage. Australia Awards Scholarships are fully financed international student scholarships. This fellowship is offered for Undergraduate, Postgraduate, and Doctoral studies and covers full tuition costs, travel expenses, living expenses, establishment allowance, and other expenditures.

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